My Service offerings:

  • Coaching: Helping you to help yourself – the systemic coaching process is focused on the client‘s benefit. The coaching approach and the methods applied are also aligned to this target. I define Business Coaching as personal support for the client in in challenging business situations or in individual or organizational change processes. The Coaching should lead to the development and implementation of new personalized solutions and behaviour.

  • Feedback/Sparring Partner: You would like to discuss an idea or a situation from different and creative perspectives and need a confidential sparring partner with broad experience and competence? I will question and challenge your ideas in a critical but positive manner drawing on our substantial business and leadership experience.

  • Consulting: Particularly in the HR areas of Leadership Development, HR Marketing/Recruiting as well as General HR Management you receive competent consulting based on a background of extensive management experience. I can also support you during transformation phases and the implementation of change processes.

If you have any questions regarding my services, please do not hesitate to contact me or ask for a first (free of charge) consultation.(contact)